It's A Wonderful Life

A longtime resident of Austin, Renee Hanson Malone has over 10
years of experience in public speaking and event production.  She has
a MA in Latin American Studies, is bilingual and has traveled
extensively throughout Latin America. She currently serves as the
Director of Development of the Austin Child Guidance Center and is
passionate about making a difference in the community. Renee brings
to our team a true commitment to others, and bi-lingual services. She
will make your Austin wedding ceremony memorable!

Her husband, Michael Malone, is a well known and sought after jazz
saxophone artist that appears frequently at the Elephant Room in
downtown Austin.  

Call Pastor David at
210-712-5458 for availability in the Austin Metro

Just like Renee, Michael is a breath of fresh air, and creates an
ambiance for your wedding guests to enjoy before, during, and after
the ceremony.  He plays both soprano and tenor saxophone.  He can
play solo or with a Jazz Trio.

Michaels many accomplishments include:

25 years experience of professional playing for large concerts, private
events, Weddings, and Churches

Recorded on Multiple Projects and has played world wide, including,
Europe and Asia with musicians like: Jimmy Smith, Red Young and
Mandy Gaines

If you think Michael is just the person to make your wedding music
complete, Call
512-762-4723, or email him today at:

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